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AstroSoc exclusive summer camps: April to June 2018

Astronomy has only begun to spread, though there are so many people who are studying it and working on it, there are also a lot of people who really have no idea about most of the concepts or theories. We at AstroSoc feel overwhelmed to explain people something which amazes them and leaves them astounded, seeking for more information. So that’s our job,We started off with the young, as they’re open to things. Soon we will reach everybody who wants to see and be amazed. Tell them how big of a universe we live in and how hydrogen atoms are the first of our ancestors. And how it all came to be, from one point in the space time.

The idea of hosting field trips, seminars and workshops is to make more people aware of the gargantuan of the universe we are in, to make people see and perceive beyond our naked sight. Science has long been a medium of our perception opening doors to possibilities but never the less kept it up with skepticism. And right now, this year of the 21st century, we have all those science and innovations supporting us in every way possible way.

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Some of the snaps from our past events:

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