AstroSoc India LLC is an aspiring multi-corporation aimed at offering solutions which caters to a wide client base! Ranging from small scale defence, Space Research to educating and training to general safety, public convenience and environmental sustainability we are poised to achieve a whole new level of skill set and talent management. We offer a unique environment where budding aspirants of physics, astronomy, applied sciences and various such research oriented skill set are put to use in a real world scenario. We also want to explore the potential small scale workers and the struggling small scale industries in outsourcing our requirements be it hardware requirements, product design or even the e-commerce biggies to ship our products world wide.

The present government and the state of affairs be it state level or country has shot up notches as opposed to the recent few years and this is a crucial time to regain stability in all sectors right from scratch. With the recent abomination over Chinese goods and the void in the market, this seems to be the best time to encourage proliferated talent and achieve a desirable revolution which encourages “Make in India” , with not just branding in mind but we carry a mindset to achieve accelerated growth and make a definitive impact not just across India but across the globe.

To achieve this we have a unique set of end goals which can drastically uplift the manufacturing sector in India by encouraging skill development in various aspects thus directly providing employment and business opportunities. We also offer excellent internship opportunities to college students in honing their skills by working in our R&D department under training and guidance as well as working on real world designs and products. This encourages a budding skill set and research abilities. A flexible 25 hours a week schedule will be a boon in terms of skills fine development in various areas enabling early exposure to real world scenario. This aids by offering a lot of diverse opportunities to work on in later stages of life rather than joining a banality of service oriented companies which focus on no real skill development but rather desk jobs or the software sector which may face a recession at any given point of time and not a long term end goal.

AstroSoc India is also a dedicated Astronomy and ecotourism Society operating with the sole intention of promoting Astronomy and the dark skies cause along with nature and ecotourism. We are tied up with International Dark Sky Association and Astronomers without borders which are global organizations based in the United States. We host regular Star Parties and Astrophotography field trips in certified dark spots away from light pollution and other sources of pollution which hampers the experience! The very nature of these trips are adventurous! Imagine going to a dark place in the night and scouting for suitable locations to set up camp and equipment and enjoying the blissful cosmos! We also host Seminars and workshops in schools and colleges pertaining to Astronomy and Astrophysics and various other topics which govern the very basics of our existence in the cosmos and how it all started!

We also host ecotourism tours to nature getaway spots where you can spend your time in peace in the lap of nature. Want to experience the best of Cosmos and night sky experience camping under a million stars and image them? Want to learn more about Astronomy and Star Lore or want to attend our workshops? This is the place to be!! JOIN US AND EXPLORE WHAT THE COSMOS HAS IN STORE FOR US!!


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