Applied Sciences Department



An AstroSoc India LLC subsidiary.

Location : Jaya Engineering Facility, Kushaiguda, Ecil



AstroSoc India’s Applied Sciences Department has been formed to address the various issues related to Astronomy in India, that being said we also have formed this Department keeping in mind the various issues which are not related to Astronomy such as Law and Safety as well. We also offer solutions to other Organizations in developing products to simplify their eco-system and ease of operation on day to day basis. As a result of this we have 4 projects presently underway and as per our best workmanship and Research and Development skills we have tied up with Jaya Engineers to work on the following projects and also provide Internship Opportunities to students in a diverse set of platforms. Our Interns will be certified based on the projects and works assigned. Here are the list of Projects Underway,


  1. AstroSoc GOTO mount for Dobsonian, Reflector and Schmitt Cassegrain Telescopes. CODE NAME: MX-99A.
  2. AstroSoc Elctromagnetic Wizard range of Products, ┬áCode Name: EX-77A and EX–9955AG (These projects are revealed only upon signing our Non-Disclosure Agreement forms)
  3. Development of A CUBESAT ( A communications Satellite for our Associate MarsPolar mainly used as a communications interface between their ground control and Mars Rover).


A Detailed product Catalogue will be Updated Shortly!


For More details on our projects and progress you can reach out to one of the associated members and request a briefing.

You can be a part of Our Projects by reaching to us @

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